Next Level Team-Building:
The new alternative for Team-Events.

It’s not only tons of fun, but also encourages
intrapreneurship, creativity & playfulness.

Every round
a new creative

What to expect

  • You’ll found your own fictional startups in small teams.
  • Every round you get inherently useless crap (like a rubber duck) and convert it into attractive products.
  • In creative pitches you present your genius product ideas for visionary solutions.
  • Get instant feedback for your extraordinary prototypes.
  • You get to test your concepts and ideas right away.
  • Pick your own challenge: You can decide who’s doing what in your team.
  • Good communication and teamwork lead to success.

A gain for teams of all kinds

The whole concept of combining unrelated objects and then reinterpret their meaning is what I consider to be creativity. After the event our team was somewhat proud. You have to surpass yourself, but you’ll get rewarded for that eventually.

Kristina - Psychologist

The workshop is a great mixture of interactivity, team building and entertainment. A sweet deal!

Philipp - CEO Smartcapture

Funny, zappy, lively, creative, self-ironic, dynamic! Absurdity welcome, celebrating the nonsense, let loose, connecting new synapses.
Varying words, impressions, music. Charming hosts, entertaining texts, pictures, references, up to date.

Marie - Entrepreneur & Designer

In Clash of Crap you don’t realise that you’re learning something because you just enjoy playing it.

Manya - Master student Cognitive Systems

Clash of Crap features

  • Empowers and forges your team.

    Designed for the growth of existing and new teams. We help them to improve their teamwork skills and performance.


  • Triggers creativity and boosts divergent thinking.

    In a minimum of time, get inspired by rethinking old ideas and recombining them into new ones.


  • Combines game, wit and full action.

    In several rounds you simulate the rise of fictional startups, which create amazing products.


  • Experience a team workshop event.

    We combine the benefits of a creativity workshop with the fun of team events into our hybrid, the team workshop event.


  • Face the group challenge.

    Fulfill different tasks while you’re sharpening your communication skills and surpass yourself bursting with confidence.


  • Use our flexibility.

    Ask for our modifiers to make Clash of Crap the experience that fits your company’s needs. Revitalise rusty teams, or use our team workshop event as addition to trainings (Scrum, Agile, Design Thinking) and employee recruiting events.

Clash of Crap

600for 6 participants*

Clash of Crap Logo
  • 2.5 hours team workshop event
  • English or German
  • Flexible configurability
  • *every additional participant only € 50
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Our prices are exclusive of 19% VAT.

Why employee loyalty is important

We are facing more and more work related stress. A recently published survey by the Techniker Krankenkasse says, that the stress level at work between 2009 and 2015 increased by 14%. This results in decreasing work performance and potentially even medical conditions.

More Studies lead to the conclusion that stress can affect behaviour negatively: Employees react impolitely and, under certain circumstances, even behave unethical (faking time sheets, stealing).

No wonder that stress – along with disharmonious relations between colleagues – is one of the top reasons why people quit their jobs.

Winning over new employees costs easily three to four times more than a monthly salary. This underlines the importance of a working atmosphere that creates a positive climate for already existing employees.

Additionally, 58% of employees claim to be motivated by “a good relation to one’s colleagues”. Compared to the previous year this figure increased by 6% and therefore functions as a higher motivator than the work tasks themselves (42%), salary (29%), working hours (29%) and career opportunities (11%).

A good relation to their colleagues is the best tool for employee loyalty and a stimulus for a successful company. Because teams consisting of friends score higher in performance, it is necessary to strengthen their social structure.

With team workshop events such as Clash of Crap we want to provide an helpful addition to a positive company culture and boost your team’s capabilities.

Your hosts


Andreas Meinlschmidt

Game & communications designer with a media and communication studies background.

Of course, we offer our concept with a twinkle in one’s eye. But don’t confuse casual entertainment with banality. In fact we just upgraded an educational core by adding entertaining elements. That way we make sure for you to keep all information in your head. This is a team event where everything is possible – with fun as our main aspiration!


Franz Heinfling

Earlier: freelance software engineer by trade. Now: problem seeker and solver.

No matter if large corporation or startup: You won’t get anything done without strong teams and the collaboration of people. Working in teams should be fun and not feel like you’re playing a game of Risk or suddenly became part of the series House of Cards. Performing teams should be supported and that’s why we created Courcery.

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